PE Curriculum


The goal of the Physical Education Program is to develop students who take personal responsibility for their own health and physical fitness for a lifetime. Our programs are designed to help all students understand, assess, monitor and improve their own levels of health and fitness. Physical activity choices are provided that include individual and team sports, indoor and outdoor activity, fitness activities, dance, rhythmic activities, educational games, team building challenges, and lifetime activities. Our programs are designed to incorporate the latest technology and extend beyond the walls of the gymnasium into the students’ classrooms, home, and community.


Current research documents the positive effects of daily physical activity on academic growth, quality and longevity of life.  It is also well documented that students carry into adulthood those habits and exercise patterns established prior to adolescence.  A comprehensive daily physical education program, with a certified specialist will address the physical, social, and emotional needs of all students. It will also provide students with positive movement experiences so that each child enjoys and values physical activity, and has the skills and motivation necessary to maintain life long wellness.


  • Develop an individual desire for wellness, physical fitness and the ability to remain active throughout life.
  • Enhance the motor development of the elementary school student.
  • Introduce a variety of activities, which include maximum participation, non-elimination, and allow multiple opportunities for success.
  • Provide students with an instructional program, which is focused on child-centered development in locomotor movement, non-manipulative and manipulative concepts and skills.
  • Emphasize the social values of cooperative play.
  • Emphasize the social significance of each individual’s need to respect the right of others in competitive experiences.
  • Engage students in daily physical education to increase motor fitness, academic performance and attitude toward school.
  • Reinforce and support knowledge taught in other subject areas in order to make connections and improve academic achievement.
  • Develop a program that is standards based, balanced, sequential and progressive.

The purpose of physical education in elementary school is to help children learn to become skillful movers through fitness based activities.  A skillful mover is more likely to choose to participate in physical activities throughout their lifetime.

 We use the term F.I.T.S. (Fitness Integrated through Sports) to describe a method using games and sports to improve fitness. The use of modified rules and small sided games will increase fitness and participation.

 It is the goal of Elmhurst School District 205 elementary physical education teachers to have children become fit and skillful movers, feel good about themselves, be able to work positively with others, and participate in physical activity outside of their school experience.