Brooke Menconi

Menconi, Brooke
Special Education Resource Teacher,

Dear Families, 

I am so excited to begin my fifth year at Jackson School! Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Brooke Menconi (Men-cone-ee) and I am a Resource teacher at Jackson School. If you are receiving this letter, I will be your child’s case-manager for the 2017-2018 school year!  I have a Master’s degree in Special Education from Trinity Christian College and am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)! I also have a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Missouri, Columbia in Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade, Cross-Categorical Special Education. Last November, I got married, so some of you may know me as Miss Kline. Don’t worry, I will still respond to Miss Kline! 

I am looking forward to working with each and every child this year! I will work my hardest to see successes in every student, even the small successes. I strive to have strong communication with parents, so please feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, or just to catch up on what is happening during the week. I am a data-driven teacher and will be using data frequently to assess the success of the interventions I am using. I also use research-based interventions with all of my students. My goal for each student is for them to participate as much as possible with their general education peers in their classrooms. I will be working closely with teachers to make sure the new and/or interesting projects that happen in the classroom are appropriately accommodated/modified so that ALL students can participate! My personal goal this year is to increase my communication with you as parents. As usual, you will receive goal updates at report card time (end of each trimester) but I will also be sending at least one smaller update/positive note home in the middle of each trimester. If you ever want to know more information about your child’s progress on their goals, feel free to reach out to me! I would be happy to provide that information at any time.

With this letter you will find a Parent/Guardian Contact Sheet, a Parent Handbook, and information for you to fill out about your student. The Parent/Guardian Contact Sheet helps me navigate who I need to contact and the most efficient way to do this. The Parent Handbook will list important information that you need/will want to know about my classroom as well as tips and tricks. The information sheet is a way for me to get to know your child better. Please fill out as much as you can or are comfortable sharing with me. 

Within the first few weeks of school, I may be contacting you to set up a co-planning meeting with myself or the team. This is not a required meeting, so you may opt out of this. However, it is helpful for the team to meet and discuss the new school year! The first few weeks of school will consist of creating schedules and assessing where each student is at. Once I have created the schedule and assessed your child, you will receive information about when they will be working with me for each area that they have goals in. I look forward to working with you and your child this year! 


Mrs.. Brooke Menconi