Second Grade


Scheel, Laura

Hursh, Becky

Young, Julie


We are so excited about the upcoming school year! As a second grade team we meet daily, collaborate and strive to plan our instruction so that optimal learning takes place in all of our classrooms. We believe that children work well in a cooperative, hands-on learning environment.  By incorporating these main components throughout our day, students have positive and meaningful learning outcomes and experiences. Together, with your support as educational partners, we know that we can make this a happy and successful year where we will motivate and challenge all the children to become independent, creative thinkers as we prepare them for the challenges of third grade.

Mrs. Becky Hursh, Mrs. Scheel, & Mrs. Young                                                                                                                           


Current brain research emphasizes the importance of a healthy snack break. The children in second grade are responsible for bringing in their own healthy snack to school each day.  Some examples of acceptable, healthy snacks are:  fruits, cut-up vegetables, cheese and crackers, pretzels and yogurt.  Snacks such as, cookies, chips, and candy, will not be allowed for nutrition snack and will be sent home.  Water bottles are also encouraged to be brought to school on a daily basis to promote constant hydration.  The bottles will be sent home regularly for cleaning and refilling. 


Each student is responsible for completing and turning in his/her homework on time.  Please help your child practice and study his/her spelling words throughout the week, using the word sort sheets sent home on Mondays.  We expect all children to read daily for 20 minutes and to practice math facts. Occasionally projects with an extended due date will be given and a separate note will be sent home.