Miss Udelhofen


no    so     go     is     on

it     can     in     do     me

up     an     you     am     the

and     we     my     he     like

to     at     see     a     I


all    are     as     ball     be

boy     by     come     day     did

eat     for     get     girl     got

had     has     her     him     his

how     if     jump     look     man

mom     not     now     of     or

out     play     put     ran     read

run     sat     saw     say     she

sit     then     they     this     too

us     was     went     will     yes


My goal is to foster a classroom environment in which all students feel safe. Safe in nature, but also safe to make mistakes and learn from those, to participate, to work as a team, to try new things. I believe that we are a community of learners and know that I will learn from your children everyday. At home, I encourage you to have conversations about the growth mindset and power of "YET." I also encourage you to embed calming exercises into your routine. We will be engaging in Calm Classroom daily. I can't wait to share more at Curriculum Night!

The classroom is set up to foster this environment. Here are things you will notice in the classroom:

  • Students sitting at tables to encourage collaboration and teamwork
  • A warm, inviting classroom library
  • No "teacher desk"
  • Hands-on manipulatives for exploration with new concepts
  • A calm down corner for when students need to take a break and reset their brains
  • Student-teacher made anchor charts to display student thinking and learning.



I am so excited to welcome your little ones to Jackson. This year I will be at Jackson in the afternoons. Prior to that I will be at Hawthorne teaching AM Kindergarten. Each Friday I will be sending home a newsletter to update you on things we are learning and share upcoming events.

Below you will find information about our classroom, useful links to use at home, and more. Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions (audelhofen@elmhurst205.org).


I was born and raised in Elmhurst, IL where I attended Edison Elementary School, Sandburg Middle School, and York High School. 

I received my Bachelor's degree from Butler University. At Butler, I majored in Elementary Education and minored in Mild Intervention and Reading. I spent one semester student teaching in Kindergarten at an arts integrated school and my second semester student teaching in a Special Education Resource setting. I am continuing my studies and am currently working to receive my Masters in Reading.

I am embarking in my third year of teaching and could not be more excited. I can't wait to meet your kids and begin a year of learning and exploration.


With the addition of iPads in Kindergarten, we will be utilizing many apps to enhance our learning. Feel free to utilize these apps at home as well! As always, please contact me with any questions that you have.

  • Writing Wizard (writing)
  • Geoboard (math)
  • Zearn (math) -- I will send home login information.
  • ABC Ya! (reading and math)
  • Starfall (reading and math)
  • Epic! (reading)
  • Raz Kids (reading) --I will send home information about logging in and suggested areas within the app once we get it up and running.

Unite for Literacy is a great website to visit as well. It has books sorted into categories to spark your child's interests and read for fun.