Jackson PBIS

Jaguars work to have positive line-up times and transitions

Our PBIS team had been reviewing evidence from across the school day, and we found that the transition times for students can be especially challenging.  During April, our staff worked to provided targeted teaching and modeling for students as far as how positive line-ups look and how positive transitions occur in the school.  Each day, any staff member could recognize a class with a "PAW," and teachers kept track of the data.  By the end of April, several classes had earned the chance for a special spirit day on May 5th.  They had the choice of "Beach Day," extra class recess, or a no homework night.

In May, we are again giving students the chance to focus on positive line-ups and transitions, since this is something that occurs every day all throughout the day and all across the school.  It's one regular choice that unites all Jaguars!

Students Work to be Responsible with Playground Equipment

Each day that students go outside to recess, they may use playground equipment (e.g., balls, jump ropes, etc.).  We want to reinforce with students the importance of taking care and responsibility for this equipment.  For the next several weeks, our 5th grade patrol students are going to help us monitor if our students are taking responsibility for our collective Jackson School equipment and clearing our playground areas each day throughout the day.

Jackson PBIS - Students Organize their Lockers and Earn No HW night

During this cold winter part of the school year, we focused on helping students be organized at their lockers.  Since they bring extra clothing that needs to be stored during these weeks, we taught them how to be organized with it.  Each day, classes earned points.  They were very successful, and our hallways have looked good this past month.

Consequently, all students will earn a night of no homework on Tuesday, February 14th!

Students Earn Brief Holiday Dance Party

Around the holiday weeks in November and December, our staff was focusing on having students begin their day with a positive attitude by being intentional about greeting students and teachers that they see first thing in the morning.  Our students were consistently successful in showing a great attitude to greet people as they started their day.

Consequently, on the last morning of school in 2016 (Dec. 21), we enjoyed a 5 minute dance party in the hallways immediately following announcements. Students were able to look forward to holiday break with a couple of holiday songs to dance along with their friends.

PBIS Hallway Dance Party - To Celebrate Goal Earned of Positive Attitude to Start Day (slider)

Jackson PBIS - Developing Support for Students

Our PBIS teams have been hard at work developing systems of support for students.  Sometimes, students show in various ways that they need extra help.  Maybe they have been struggling with positive choices, or they visit the nurse's office more frequently than their health needs, or they have excessive absences.  We want to provide a support system to assist them.  We have a group of coaches who will link with those students and help them check-in during the morning and check-out during the afternoon.  This additional relationship will be a positive support for the students.  Parents will be contacted prior to a coach beginning  to work with your child.


As part of District 205's Response to Intervention (RtI) initiatives, Jackson has adapted PBIS as the framework for implementing a culture of positive behaviors conducive to learning.  Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a proactive systems approach to establishing the behavior supports and social culture needed for all students in school to achieve social, emotional, and academic success.  Research shows that positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to not only change problematic, or unexpected behavior, but also to encourage and maintain expected behavior.  PBIS helps to encourage a positive learning environment for students and also directly teaches our students important behavioral skills for life outside of Jackson School.

Many schools from across the region, state, and country imbed PBIS-related practices into their school days.  We are fortunate to be part of the Midwest PBIS network in order to strengthen the practices at Jackson and other schools.  For more information, please visit http://www.midwestpbis.org/


All students are expected to be follow the “PAWS” expectations throughout the school.  The students are directly taught the expectations as seen in the matrix within the first several days of school and scheduled times of the year.  The emphasis is on proactive teaching expected behaviors and correcting undesired ones.  Students are corrected for inappropriate behavior in a re-teach model.  Students who continue to display inappropriate or unsafe behavior will be considered for additional behavioral supports and interventions.  In order to accurately track our work with students when correction is needed, we use minor and major behavioral referral forms to help us better target our strategies for improvement with individuals and large groups of students.

Jackson's PBIS Matrix