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Dear Jackson Families,

We had another great week of remote learning at Jackson School! As I visited classrooms, I saw our students and teachers hard at work. Our readers are asking questions about the text and practicing summarizing. In writing, students are working on adding details to their narratives. This week, many of our kindergarten students are working on writing their first full sentence. It is exciting to see the growth our students have made throughout the first trimester. No matter the location of their learning, they are growing as readers, writers, thinkers, and mathematicians. 

Status of School
There will be a community email sent Monday evening regarding the status of school. DuPage County now updates their dashboard on Mondays (versus Fridays).

Calling all Jackson Jaguars! GOBBLE your friends up with love this November, SURPRISE your friends by placing a Jackson Jaguars You've Been Gobbled sign in their yard! Let's have some fun this season and spread joy to our Jackson community.

  • How it works: Similar to "You've Been Booed" -- surprise your friends by placing "You've Been Gobbled" signs in their yards! You can order signs here.
  • Cost: $25 per sign 
  • Sign: 18"/24", yard stakes included 
  • Delivery: free to your house 
  • Spreading JOY to your friends: priceless 

PTA Council Scholarships
The PTA Council is kicking off our fundraising for York Senior Scholarships this year with a yummy ready to bake cookie dough sale!!! Please click this link to place an order. The sale runs through the week of November 18th so get your orders in soon. Order pickup will be the week of December 7th details will be sent out prior to pickup. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Dena Fasheh or Kristie Szejner at

COVID Testing at CMS on Monday and Tuesday Next Week
Illinois Mobile COVID-19, in cooperation with D205, the City of Elmhurst and the Village of Bensenville will host a 2-day testing site at Churchville Middle School, 155 Victory Pkwy. 

The testing site is open to anyone wishing to have a test regardless of symptoms and is free of charge. The site will be open from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. on November 9th and November 10th in the east parking lot. There are 300 testing kits available each day and the site will allow for testing until the kits are deplete.

Thrive D205 Presents Author & Speaker Michael Horn

Thrive D205 School & Community Wellness Partnership presents: "Disruption in Education & Choosing College" with Michael Horn, author of Blended and Choosing College from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. CST on Monday, November 9, 2020. Register for the Zoom session today. To learn more about our featured speaker, click here.

Michael Horn speaks frequently at post-secondary, K–12, and workforce education conferences and gatherings around the world on: disruptive innovation, online and blended learning, competency-based learning, education transformation, workshops to design blended learning environments and the role for profits in education.

He also speaks and writes about the future of education and works with a portfolio of education organizations to improve the life of each and every student. His book Choosing College strips away the noise around college to help students and parents understand why they are going to school and how to make better choices, as well as aids schools in designing better experiences.

Thrive D205 School & Community Wellness Partnership is a new initiative launched by Elmhurst Community Unit School District 205. The effort is designed to start a community conversation and create a subsequent plan to better understand, support and reduce the stress levels among students in our school community.

Information from Last Week:

Science and Social Studies Integration
As stated in last week’s Weekly Wrap-up, elementary schools across D205 are modifying our approach to the way science and social studies are taught within our remote and hybrid instruction.  These content areas will no longer be taught as “stand alone” subjects and will not be reported on. However, the content from these units will be covered through integration with reading and writing instruction. This means that teachers will be asking students to read and write about science and social studies topics while also pulling texts from our science and social studies curriculum for students to use. This will help teachers prioritize core academic skills in reading, writing, and math throughout Trimesters 2 and 3.

MAP Testing Reports- Grades 3, 4, 5
You will receive your child’s MAP testing report via email on Monday, November 9. 

Parent Teacher Conferences: Information about Sign-up
Elementary Parent Teacher Conferences will take place Monday, November 23 from 4:30-8PM and Tuesday, November 24 from 10AM-6PM. We are excited for another opportunity to connect with our families through Parent Teacher Conferences. We appreciate the opportunity to meet our families, and this is our time to talk about specific concerns that you may have. Know that you can contact the teachers for a status check at any point in the year.

This year, conferences will be held remotely. Each appointment will have a Zoom link attached to it. After you sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences, you should email or download your schedule from Power PTC and use those Zoom links. When families click on the link, they will be placed in a waiting room. At your assigned time, the teacher will admit you to the conference. We ask that you name yourself within Zoom in a way that makes it easier for the teachers to identify you. For example, if you could use “William (Jennifer S’s Dad)”. 

Below are links to resources to help you as you prepare to sign up with your student's teachers. We look forward to seeing everyone virtually for Parent-Teacher Conferences next week.

  • The scheduling portal opens Thursday, Nov 12 at 6AM and closes Tuesday, Nov 17th at 11:59PM. Signups for Conferences are held via PowerPTC. For a PowerPTC-Parent Quick Start Guide, click here

D205 Kindergarten Registration Open - Until Nov. 6
D205 online kindergarten registration is October 23, 2020 to November 6, 2020 for kindergarten: traditional half-day, dual language and all-day kindergarten programs.

Please register by going to the D205 Kindergarten Registration page. A recording of the general Kindergarten Registration and Dual Language Information Session presentations from October 15 & 19 also are available on the D205 Kindergarten Registration page.

42nd Annual UCCA Virtual Holiday Food Drive - Oct. 26–Dec. 1
For more than 40 years, the Elmhurst community has participated in the UCCA Holiday Food Drive to help Elmhurst District 205 school children and their families. This year will look a little different but the need is still great, if not greater, than ever. The goal is to help almost 100 more families than last year.

To ensure everyone’s safety, the collection effort is moving online. Instead of bringing food donations to school, you can go online and donate to sponsor a holiday meal, a box of food or more. It’s quick and easy. Go to or scan the QR code on the flyers. Please give today to help struggling families put food on the table during these unprecedented times. Gifts of any amount are appreciated. You may also drop off Jewel and Mariano’s gift cards at the Elmhurst YMCA and the Elmhurst Public Library.

  • Holiday Meal Box - $16. Provide a complete holiday meal with turkey, potatoes, green beans and more.
  • Box of Food - $30. Provide a box of food filled with pantry staples.

D205 Breakfast and Lunch Free to All Students
Breakfast and lunch options are now free for all D205 students through the PushCoin Webstore! Meals may now be ordered on a weekly basis and may be picked up on the following schedule.

Important Dates:

  • November 12: PTC Sign-up opens at 6am
  • November 13: Supply Pick-up for remote only students from 1:45-3pm
  • November 18: No School, Institute Day
  • November 23: Remote Learning Day (elementary only)
  • November 23: Elementary Parent Teacher Conferences (evening)
  • November 24: Elementary Parent Teacher Conferences
  • November 24- 27: No School


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Jackson School Principal

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Celebrating Arbor Day

The City of Elmhurst planted a tree in front of our school in celebration of Arbor Day. The 2nd grade class celebrated by singing songs, presenting cards to the city and putting the finishing touches to plant the tree.

5th graders working in groups on decimal division.

4th graders planning their Nora friend visit!

Our day started with lots of work as readers and writers. 3rd grade researching countries, 2nd graders using non fiction text features, and kindergarten readers’ workshop!

Our kinder cuties explored snow today and discussed what they notice/wonder. One asked, “why is the snow still white even though the sun isn’t shining on it?” (They previously learned snow is clear.) 💚 this problem based learning experience and our teachers for trying something new!

Kicking off passion projects for 2020 in 4th grade! All students are channeling passion focused on a historic event or person. Love this amazing start!

5th graders posing questions they want to answer through their explorer research. Next one was: What was the effect of their trip?

Third graders are sharing their backpack designs in See Saw! Today the class watched one example!

First grade tackling three steps to solve math problems: Read, Draw, Write! One student told another, “Don’t be scared! Think positive!” 💚💚

5th graders find main idea using different strategies and reflect on what works for them as readers.

3rd graders are in the final phases of design on their Defined STEM backpack project!

2nd graders are getting ready for their human body unit! 🤣 We had lots of fun tracing today!

Blended learning in @jacksonartspace! 5th graders watching their next steps on video!

Adding 2 addenda by making a new ten! Conceptual math helps students understand place value and expand number sense!

5th graders posing questions they want to answer through their explorer research. Next one was: What was the effect of their trip?

Learning about Simple machines is so much more fun and engaging when the Dupage Children’s Museum comes to us!! 3rd grade kicks off their unit with some really cool authentic exploration!

Our kinder cuties explored snow today and discussed what they notice/wonder. One asked, “why is the snow still white even though the sun isn’t shining on it?” (They previously learned snow is clear.) 💚 this problem based learning experience and our teachers for trying something new!

Kinder students are predicting which kind of salt will melt the snow first. Making predictions in their inquiry based unit!

3rd graders are learning fractions! Small groups and games are helping build number sense!

What better way to celebrate coming together to meet a goal for Kindness than Fort Reading! 🙌🏻 Ms. Q’s 4th graders were giddy with delight in their cozy spaces. 📚📖📚

Kindergarten got right to work writing today! They will be ready for 1st grade before we know it!


Fifth grade has started printmaking in Art and it’s all about those intricate details!! Sketch, transfer, reveal, cut and use...can’t wait to see their finished products!

Fifth grade has started printmaking in Art and it’s all about those intricate details!! Sketch, transfer, reveal, cut and use...can’t wait to see their finished products!

Second graders are activating schema by connecting what they already know about crocodiles to what might happen in their new book 👏🏻📚

4th graders are synthesizing their research into rough drafts for their “Who Was...” passion project and will be writing their own books. Cover art to be done in @jacksonartspace !

Third graders are launching book clubs and setting norms for their meetings!

Third graders are using graphic organizers to curate their country research and draft their informational writing.


4th graders playing a game for an organized, indoor recess. All students participate! It’s a great team builder!

5th grade student led discussion using a short article about the controversy of exotic animals as pets.