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Barbara Pisciotto

Dear Jackson Families,

While many of our teachers have been at Jackson setting up classrooms and preparing for students already, our teachers return to school officially on Monday! We are thrilled to welcome our staff back for days of professional learning on Monday and Tuesday. Our staff will spend focused time on social emotional resources, reflecting on our school vision statement, and planning for the first days of school.

It is important to note that our priority during the first days of school is to build positive relationships with students so that they feel safe, happy, and welcome at Jackson School, specifically in their classrooms. There will be purposeful activities planned so that teachers and students can get to know each other’s interests, strengths, and goals. A strong and positive teacher-student relationship is important so that students feel a sense of belonging throughout the year and are also motivated and willing to take academic risks when learning.

We are so excited to have your students back in school on Wednesday. When students and adults come to school, they should be wearing a face mask which covers their nose and mouth. We always have extras on hand and, if your student needs support, we are happy to provide that so that everyone can be safe and healthy. We will regularly provide breaks from masks during the day, and our students do not have to wear masks when they go outside.

Teacher Meet and Greet/Ice Cream Social
Please join us on Tuesday anytime between 3:30-4:30pm to meet your child’s teacher and drop off school supplies. This event is an open house format and is a great way to see your child’s classroom before school starts on Wednesday. PTA will be providing an Ice Cream Truck on Mitchell Avenue from 3:30-5:00pm. Please enjoy your ice cream and time with friends outdoors.

Bus Information
If your child takes the bus to school, information was sent to you via email and is available on our school website. Please make sure your child’s teacher and the office are aware of any changes in your child’s transportation plan.

Lunch Menu For August 18-20
Please note that school lunches are free of charge for all students this year. Your child will need to order lunch each morning in their classroom. You can find the menu for the first three days of school here. 

First Day of School: FORWARD TOGETHER 2021-22
We are ready to move Forward Together for the 2021-22 school year! If you are taking photos on the first day of school, you are welcome to use our first day of school sign. Print out the sign, take a photo with your student, and post to social media with the hashtag #ForwardTogetherD205. We’ll repost your photos on our social media platforms!

Fall 2021 Plan
As we move forward together, updates regarding the Fall 2021 Plan have been posted here.

Upcoming Dates

  • August 16 - Supply pick-up from 4-6pm
  • August 17 - Teacher Meet and Greet/Supply drop off from 3:30-4:30pm; Ice Cream Truck 3:30-5:00pm
  • August 18 - First day of school (full day) 
  • August 25 - First Student Late Arrival; students arrive between 9:30-9:45am; afternoon Kindergarten begins 12:55
  • September 2 - Curriculum Night; (in person) additional details to follow

Information From Last Week

Supply Pick-Up Information
We have one supply pick up date left: Monday, August 16 from 4-6pm. You may enter Jackson through the main entrance and a parent volunteer will direct you to the multi-purpose room to find your child’s kit. You can take the kit home, label supplies, and bring the kit back on August 17 during Meet and Greet. 

Jackson School Daily Schedule

  • 8:00am - Student arrival begins (see procedures below)
  • 8:15am - Tardy Bell
  • Lunch times
  • K and 4th grade - 11:40am-12:40pm
  • 1st and 2nd grades - 10:40am-11:40am
  • 3rd and 5th grades - 12:40-1:40pm
  • 12:00 - PM Kindergarten lines up and enters through Door 8
  • 12:05 - PM Kindergarten begins
  • 3:00 - Dismissal
  • 3:05 - Busses Depart

*Please note the late arrival bell schedule here

Student Morning Line-Up
Students can begin to enter the building at 8:00am. The tardy bell rings at 8:15am. Entry doors are listed below:

  • All Day Kindergarten and 3rd Grade- Door 5 (near playground on north end of blacktop)
  • 2nd and 4th Grades - Door 7 (middle of blacktop)
  • ½ Day Kindergarten and 1st Grade - Door 8 (south end of Mitchell near picnic tables) 
  • 5th Grade - Door 13 (on Swain side of building)

Afternoon Dismissal

  • Cars pick up in the parking lot near Door 4. Enter the parking lot on Van Buren going WEST ONLY.
  • Parents on foot may meet their child along Mitchell Avenue. We encourage you to determine a meeting spot with your child prior to school starting.
  • ***Busses will be parked on Mitchell Avenue. ***ALL walkers will exit the doors by the playground.

Morning Car Line Procedures
For the safety of our students and neighbors, we ask that you follow the procedures below when arriving to Jackson each morning.

  • Drop-off along Mitchell Avenue, going SOUTH ONLY. Please do not drive north and have students cross Mitchell.
  • Follow posted no parking/stopping/standing signs. Do NOT exit your vehicle on Mitchell Avenue.
  • Your child can exit your vehicle anywhere along Mitchell and walk to their line-up area. This helps keep traffic moving.
  • If you want to drive and walk your child to the line up area, you may legally park on side streets following posted signs.
  • School busses have priority for drop off and will pass the car line and pull all the way to the south end of Mitchell near Van Buren.
  • We encourage you and your child to walk to school when possible.
  • The car line on Mitchell takes about 7 minutes for parents to drive through. Please be patient and allot yourself ample time. On days of inclement weather, the line does take longer. 

Student Late Arrivals

  • Student Late Arrivals take place 1-2 times per month on Wednesdays.
  • Students arrive starting at 9:30am. The tardy bell rings at 9:45am. 
  • Kindergarten will have a modified schedule on these days, with AM kindergarten from 9:45am to 11:55am and PM kindergarten from 12:55pm to 3:00pm.
  • You can see the dates for elementary late arrivals on this calendar

We welcome back many returning staff members and welcome some new members to our team! Ms. Caity Collins returns as our assistant principal. She will be at Jackson for half the day on Mondays, and full days on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ms. Collins will spend the rest of her week at Emerson School.

  • All Day Kindergarten: Mrs. Sgarbossa, Ms. Udelhofen
  • Half Day Kindergarten: Ms. Keeley
  • First Grade: Ms. Vega, Mrs. Larsen, Miss Harris, Ms. Allaire
  • Second Grade: Ms. Hermanek, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Wenig
  • Third grade: Mrs. Michalski, Mrs. Latoria, Mrs. Moran
  • Fourth Grade: Ms. Paist, Mrs. Lejcar, Mrs. Jorbin
  • Fifth Grade: Mrs. Brooks, Mrs. Siegers, Ms. Germanos
  • Special Education: Mrs. Menconi, Ms. O’Keefe, Mrs. O’Neil
  • Special Education Instructional: Mrs. Watson (Collins) and Mrs. Borsellino (Phillips)
  • Reading Specialist: Mrs. Scheel, Mrs. Fiore
  • Instructional Coach: Mrs. Schmidt and Ms. Noncek
  • Music, Art, PE, Library: Mrs. Alfano, Mrs. Neigel, Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. Walton
  • EL: Mrs. Cote
  • REACH: Mrs. O’Leary
  • Social Worker: Ms. Bartnick 
  • Speech Language Pathologists: Mrs. Messina, Mrs. Callaghan
  • Occupational Therapists: Mrs. Rancatore 
  • Physical Therapist: Mrs. Peterson
  • Psychologist: Mrs. Annen

Students have three daily options for lunch: bring lunch from home, order hot lunch from school (free for all students), or go home for their lunch hour. Students choosing to go home for lunch must have a written permission note and must check in/out through the office. If your child wishes to go home with a friend for lunch, we must have written permission from both families. Students going home for lunch should arrive back to Jackson a few minutes before the end of their lunchtime so they are on time to class.

Reporting an Absence
If your child will be absent from school. Please remember to call the school attendance line at 630-617-2363. Please call any time before 8:15am to leave a message on the voicemail. If you do not call your child in absent before 8:15 am, we will be trying to contact you. Please attempt to schedule any appointments for your child outside of the school day to lessen absences. However, if you will need to pick up your child during the school day for an appointment, please call the office, send a note to the office, or email Jacki Lawrence ( with the details so that we may arrange for this ahead of time.

Mrs. Jenna Kragel, our nurse, will be on maternity leave. Mariah Gasso and Rosanne Tansor will be covering our nurse position. If you need to contact the nurse for any reason, please use the following email address:

All students (with the exception of half day kindergarten) have a daily snack. This snack should consist of a plain fruit or vegetable for the safety of our students with allergies.

If you have any questions, you can reach the Jackson Office at 630-834-4544 between 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday.


Christine Trendel                      Caity Collins
Principal                                  Assistant Principal

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Celebrating Arbor Day

The City of Elmhurst planted a tree in front of our school in celebration of Arbor Day. The 2nd grade class celebrated by singing songs, presenting cards to the city and putting the finishing touches to plant the tree.

5th graders working in groups on decimal division.

4th graders planning their Nora friend visit!

Our day started with lots of work as readers and writers. 3rd grade researching countries, 2nd graders using non fiction text features, and kindergarten readers’ workshop!

Our kinder cuties explored snow today and discussed what they notice/wonder. One asked, “why is the snow still white even though the sun isn’t shining on it?” (They previously learned snow is clear.) 💚 this problem based learning experience and our teachers for trying something new!

Kicking off passion projects for 2020 in 4th grade! All students are channeling passion focused on a historic event or person. Love this amazing start!

5th graders posing questions they want to answer through their explorer research. Next one was: What was the effect of their trip?

Third graders are sharing their backpack designs in See Saw! Today the class watched one example!

First grade tackling three steps to solve math problems: Read, Draw, Write! One student told another, “Don’t be scared! Think positive!” 💚💚

5th graders find main idea using different strategies and reflect on what works for them as readers.

3rd graders are in the final phases of design on their Defined STEM backpack project!

2nd graders are getting ready for their human body unit! 🤣 We had lots of fun tracing today!

Blended learning in @jacksonartspace! 5th graders watching their next steps on video!

Adding 2 addenda by making a new ten! Conceptual math helps students understand place value and expand number sense!

5th graders posing questions they want to answer through their explorer research. Next one was: What was the effect of their trip?

Learning about Simple machines is so much more fun and engaging when the Dupage Children’s Museum comes to us!! 3rd grade kicks off their unit with some really cool authentic exploration!

Our kinder cuties explored snow today and discussed what they notice/wonder. One asked, “why is the snow still white even though the sun isn’t shining on it?” (They previously learned snow is clear.) 💚 this problem based learning experience and our teachers for trying something new!

Kinder students are predicting which kind of salt will melt the snow first. Making predictions in their inquiry based unit!

3rd graders are learning fractions! Small groups and games are helping build number sense!

What better way to celebrate coming together to meet a goal for Kindness than Fort Reading! 🙌🏻 Ms. Q’s 4th graders were giddy with delight in their cozy spaces. 📚📖📚

Kindergarten got right to work writing today! They will be ready for 1st grade before we know it!


Fifth grade has started printmaking in Art and it’s all about those intricate details!! Sketch, transfer, reveal, cut and use...can’t wait to see their finished products!

Fifth grade has started printmaking in Art and it’s all about those intricate details!! Sketch, transfer, reveal, cut and use...can’t wait to see their finished products!

Second graders are activating schema by connecting what they already know about crocodiles to what might happen in their new book 👏🏻📚

4th graders are synthesizing their research into rough drafts for their “Who Was...” passion project and will be writing their own books. Cover art to be done in @jacksonartspace !

Third graders are launching book clubs and setting norms for their meetings!

Third graders are using graphic organizers to curate their country research and draft their informational writing.


4th graders playing a game for an organized, indoor recess. All students participate! It’s a great team builder!

5th grade student led discussion using a short article about the controversy of exotic animals as pets.